Elektroinstalace, Fotovoltaika, Arboristika, zavolejte nám a domluvte se přímo s naším technikem.

We are Zalez. Professional height workers.

We provide complex work at height, from simple repairs, revisions and installations through construction activities to large-scale industrial installations. We use modern machines and rope techniques for work at height and above free depth, or in hard-to-reach places.

In the past, we have worked with energy companies, international festivals, cities, municipalities, construction companies and developers, or with real estate owners. These collaborations continue, but we focus more on the Czech market.

Because since last year we have been noticing tension in the Czech energy program. We are now concentrating on the assembly of Photovoltaic power plants. We see a large disparity in the market between skilled tradesmen and skilled craftsmen. Last year, several times more power plants were sold than could be installed. Not infrequently, this boom leaves behind disappointed customers and bankrupt companies that underestimated the complexity of such work.

Our Services


We will help you safely switch to green energy and cover administrative buildings, industrial halls or family homes with solar panels.

Electrical installation

Installation of masts for the electrical transmission system and other industrial installations where height workers with professional specialization are needed.


We have a stable and well-coordinated team of riggers who will safely and quickly take care of the hanging of equipment at small events and world festivals as well.


We will take care of repairs, washing or necessary assembly on the roofs of office buildings, shopping centers or development projects.


We will ensure professional felling, pruning and care of trees in an urbanized environment, with an emphasis on the safety of people and property, as well as the health of trees.

Examples of realizations

We climb all over the Czech Republic and abroad
Why cooperate with Zalez company?

Professional team

We bring together qualified workers and pay attention to continuous development. We regularly train and improve work procedures. We learn to use new technologies. We consult best practices with suppliers and manufacturers of the technologies we use.

Customer first

We realize that the boss of every craftsman is first and foremost the customer, so we focus first and foremost on ensuring that everything is done to the satisfaction of those who order our cooperation. We will help fix what others have done before us. We provide long-term service and advice.

COMMUNICATION - probably the most important criterion of any functional relationship We value our clients and want to provide them with quality services in a short time. That is why we try to quickly respond to your requests, propose possible solutions and implement them.


We make sure that verified safety rules are followed. To properly use the technologies we need to accomplish our tasks. We actively ensure the safety of everyone who may be in the vicinity of our work.


Height work, Tying, Crane tests, Transport trolleys, Welding, Electrician tests

Efficiency and safety

A well-coordinated team of professionals and safe handling of technology

Risk minimization

We are insured for damage to property and health

Who we worked for

Our partners