We are not afraid of large structures or great heights


Height work, Tying, Crane tests, Transport trolleys, Welding, Electrician tests

Efficiency and safety

A well-coordinated team of professionals and safe handling of technology

Risk minimization

We are insured for damage to property and health

We provide repairs and construction of roofs

We focus on work with climbing equipment on the roofs of administrative, office or industrial buildings, storage and production halls, department stores, housing cooperatives or development projects.

Roofing repairs

Chimney repairs

Repairs of lightning rods and antennas

Facade coatings

Installation of air conditioning

Cleaning gutters and downspouts

Installing anti bird protection

Washing windows

Craftsmen who are at home on the rope

In our team of certified height workers, we have experts in assembly, plumbing, roofing, painting, locksmithing, electrical engineering and masonry work.

Thanks to this, we will ensure that they perform professional work in high quality and safely at heights and in places that are difficult to access.