We care about life in cities surrounded by greenery and trees


Height work, Tying, Crane tests, Transport trolleys, Welding, Electrician tests

Expertise and experience

Realization even in hard-to-reach places

Risk minimization

We are insured for damage to property and health

Risky felling, pruning and long-term care

In order for the trees to keep us company, it is necessary to ensure not only their stability and operational safety, but also their health with appropriate pruning.

We offer not only risky tree felling, but comprehensive arboricultural care for urban or municipal greenery, whether it is solitary trees, important avenues, parks or gardens.

We understand not only climbing techniques, but also tree biology

Our team of height workers has certified arborists with European and Czech standards (EAC, ČCA) who, thanks to their knowledge of tree biology, mechanics and tree-climbing techniques, can safely and reliably carry out arborist interventions even in dangerous and difficult-to-access conditions.