Working at heights with high voltage. An ideal combination.


Height work, Tying, Crane tests, Transport trolleys, Welding, Electrician tests

Professional climbers

Engineers, electricians, locksmiths, rescuers and other experts climb with us

Risk minimization

We are insured for damage to property and health

Electrical assembly from A to Z

We focus on the installation of electric transmission system masts (HV and VVN) and industrial electrical installation for energy companies, but also developers, cities and municipalities

Installation of outdoor LV, HV and VHV cable lines

Installation of HV, VHV substations and substations

Installation, service and maintenance of Photovoltaic systems

Professional people, special technology

Our team of certified height workers includes both experienced technicians and electricians with a focus on high current, as well as mechanical locksmiths, who together ensure professional, efficient and high-quality installation of the electrical transmission system.

We have our own technology for moving around structures and industrial electrical assembly (binding materials, tools, ladders, all-terrain vehicles)

We can move in inaccessible terrain such as forests, mountains, swamps, mines.
We have the technology to cross rivers, roads, or railway tracks.

Our partners

We carried out most projects together with the Swedish companies EKTK and JOSIA